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Spanish law requires you to credit certain psycho-physical condition to persons wishing to apply for certain administrative permissions, or renew that had expired.
Among them are the driving license, the gun licensethe Id Card ProfessionalTIP) of private security, the permission to tower cranes and/or mobile crane, different nautical qualificationsthe federal licenses of sports, etc


In our Centre you will be able to obtain the medical certificate of aptitude for any of the related permissions.

Driving license

Processing free renewal of driving license.

For your convenience, from Medical Center Poblenou unable to process the renewal of your driving license without any cost. If you have fewer than 70 years, only need to pay the fee of each traffic.

Since 2006, the renewal of driving licence are carried out in medical centers approved and authorized by the DGT, as a Medical Center Poblenou, without need to go to the offices of the DGT in The Hood.


Since September 2010, this renewal is carried out by means of data transmission for greater agility and quickness. From the medical center sent to the Head of Traffic, the report of fitness for driving. At the same time, it provides a temporary permit to drive for three months issued by the chief of Traffic of Barcelona.


The via telematics simplifies the processing and does not need to provide photographs or photocopies as was previously. Only he will have to show their DNI or NIE in force and the driving license you want to renew.